New Tor Relay: Help!!!!!

Jon at
Mon Jun 28 21:18:59 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:22 AM,  <torhelp at> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I just upgraded my internet speed and have been running a Tor Relay for around two days or so.
> I have set up 2-3 tor relays before so I understand (I think) how to set one up.
> Here's the problem:
> In the past two days, Vidalia says I've received 200MBs of data and sent around 500MBs of data. My relay has almost NO traffic compared to the other relays I've had.
> I'm supposed to have upwards of 3MBS up and .73 MBs down. In Vadalia, I have the "Bandwidth Limits" set to 512 Kbps.
> Why is there almost no traffic? Please HELP!!!!
  In my past experience with setting up several relays, both exit and
non exit, it takes awhile, especially with a new relay for it to be
recognized by the other servers on the list. You should notice an
increase gradually in several days, providing you have everything set
up properly.

One thing I have noticed in the past is making sure the firewall is
set up so TOR can be accessed.  That will cause you a slow down. Being
that you are a former TOR server, I would just wait it out and give it
several days for the others to know your out there and will get used
to accessing you.

I am a little concerned tho about the DNS hijackings, which is not
good. This may or may not also be interfering with the server working
properly. Might consider looking at changing to a different DNS server
or changing IP providers.  With that being said, maybe someone with
more experience can give you some ideas on how to go about and
correcting the possible DNS issues.

Welcome back as a TOR relay.

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