Automated threat messages force limitation of Exit Policy (Softlayer)

Andrew Lewman andrew at
Wed Jun 23 01:45:24 UTC 2010

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 02:20:16 +0200
Moritz Bartl <tor at> wrote:

> All these complaints list pretty much the same Torrents, have been
> issued by MediaSentry or BayTSP, and each offers to get back to them
> on changing email addresses and through a web form. For each single
> abuse case, I have tried to reach them to tell them about the node
> and its background, including the offer to block on IP/Port basis and
> the URL to EFF's legal page, but they didn't get back to me and
> didn't stop the spamming. I even filed a counter notification with
> written signature etc.

From experience, with SoftLayer even, don't try to explain anything;
no one cares.  All they see is customer X is costing us a human
dealing with all of these complaints, make it stop. 

I simply had a script that responded to each and every automated
complaint with an automated response.  Take the template response from and change the
right variables to whatever you receive in an automated fashion.  And
then mail it back to whomever.  It's their bot versus yours.  

If you can get SoftLayer to do SWIP on the IP address/range assigned to
you, that will offload their complaint person and let you handle
everything automatically.  BayTSP/MediaSentry/etc have heard all the
excuses, including when they tagged my printer as serving up movies;
they don't care. I fully expect they don't even read the responses, just
check that a response was received.  The response is probably then
catalogued for some future court case.

And to your scary realization, yes, baseless accusations have concrete
affects in the real world.

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