question on thunderbird and tor

M moeedsalam at
Mon Jun 21 05:06:00 UTC 2010

I have read some of the previous posts but fail to understand.

I have configured my portable thunderbird  to use TOR. In the proxy 
settings, i have entered port 8118, for http and ssl, and 9050 or socks 5.

I have added 3 accts: gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. i can access yahoo and 
hotmail thru an add-on called webmail. Also, hotmail allows pop3 if you 
change the type to hotmail asia.

When i connect, i can see that the connections are made thru tor from 
the network map.

I am unsure of the following:

1) DNS leak, as there is no socks4a

2) Several posts said that your outgoing mail will have my real IP. Is 
this true? and why when i am connected thru TOR?

Also, if these things are true, then how can i go about doing it 
properly? Any help would be much appreciated.

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