Tor v0.2.1.23 dose not work in my windowsXP box and Tor v0.2.1.24 can not work in my Debain

Peng Zhou zpbrent at
Sun Feb 28 11:07:39 UTC 2010

I am sorry for my mistake to show up the bridge ip in the unsecure mail
list, and I can take care co it in the future :-)

Fortunately, the Bridge IP I have showed up is directly from https://, every one can surf the wewbsite to get the ip
directly, that is to say, this leak is just for a public bridge, I hope my
mistake can just make a little hurt to the Tor. network because it is just a
public bridge

Sorry to every one who use Tor. :-)

2010/2/28 Scott Bennett <bennett at>

>     On Sat, 27 Feb 2010 22:41:16 +0800 Peng Zhou <zpbrent at>
> top-posted:
> >Previously, I use the network from HongKong Polytechnical University
> >(I don't know who is the ISP for HK PolyU), when I try to connect with
> Tor.
> >via bridge XX.XXX.XXX.XX:PPP, I have found its TCP handshaking works fine,
> >but SSL handshaking is blocked (A packet for SSL client Hello is sent to
> >XX.XXX.XXX.XX, but the bridge never gives me reponse):
>     Another alert reader has already commented, but your offense is so
> egregious that I think it worth making a row about it, so here goes.
>     I've blotted out the address and port information above that *you*
> should have blotted out before posting it.  Some generous person went to
> the trouble of setting up a bridge.  You've now wasted that person's
> effort.
> What a thoughtlessly destructive creep you've turned out to be.  I simply
> cannot fathom why someone allegedly interested in using and/or supporting
> the tor network would be so eager to ruin a bridge for those who really
> need bridges.  (Apparently, *you* have no such need.)
> >=================================================================
>   [inexcusable trash deleted  --SB]
> >=================================================================
> >
> >So I guess maybe the ISP messed up SSL in general?
>     Possibly.  But what is terribly clear is that you messed up.
> >
> >Best Regards
>     Yeah, right.  Get a life.
> >Brent
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