Chumby One and running a bridge

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at
Mon Feb 22 05:53:19 UTC 2010


I'm happy to report that I've been hacking with Bunnie on building a
nice modification to the Chumby One[0] for running bridges.

Today I committed (in Revision: 21721) the rest of the code to create a
full package from scratch for the Chumby One. It's still rough around
the edges but it should work.

There are only three steps (assuming that you have the Chumby cross
compiler[1]) to build the Chumby One mod:

	svn co
	cd chumby

The fetch, patch, and build process takes around 223.13s from start to
finish on my X61 Thinkpad.

You should now see the final zip file (say in
chumby/build/. This file is for release to end users. To use the mod on
your Chumby, you'll need to grab that zip file, unpack it onto a usb
stick, and boot with the usb stick in the chumby:

	cd /media/usbstick/
	unzip /tmp/chumby/build/
	[ unmount the usb stick, etc ]
	[ plug the usb stick into the chumby, reboot it ]
	[ the mod will install and you can remove the usb stick ]

So if you're up for a little experimenting and you like the idea of
running a low powered, low bandwidth bridge - the Chumby One might be a
good multi-functional device for that job... You'll need to port forward
to the Chumby if the Chumby doesn't have a public IP.

I've put up a build here and would appreciate some feedback from Chumby
One owners:

I expect that we'll probably have a small web page up about this in the
near future.



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