Please Help Me Test my Hidden Service Pt. 2

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Mon Feb 22 04:51:18 UTC 2010

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Hey all,

So I worked a lot more on this guide and I have worked out (hopefully)
all the bugs and kinks. This should allow you to safely run a hidden
service with PHP, shell access, cgi, etc. without worrying about your
anonymity being broken. I gave shell accounts out to a few people and
they weren't able to do anything. My hidden service is now down (I need
it for other work) but it would be cool if somebody that has a spare
machine can set something up using this guide and open it up to folks.

Grab the guide at

I've also set up a script to do most of the basic configuration for the
host machine (iptables setup, installing tor/privoxy, etc.). This script
is VERY untested so please use with extra caution and send me any
feedback you have. This doesn't do anything of the things I suggest in
the guide to speed up your machine, that's your responsibility. It also
doesn't enable automatic updates, which I highly suggest you do.

Grab the script at

Please try this guide out and let me know how it works for you. This is
still a beta thing so please be careful and don't do anything you need
strong anonymity for.
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I used qemu on a desktop computer w/ ubuntu. The guide should answer any
other questions you have.

7v5w7go9ub0o wrote:
> Ringo wrote:
>> Hey Torizens,
>> I've set up another hidden service to test my virtual machine setup. My
>> new address is http://3rrf4fqicqwl7amf.onion and you can access drupal
>> (and create content) at http://3rrf4fqicqwl7amf.onion.
> Which VM software are you using? on what kind of host?
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