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Nico Weinreich info at
Mon Feb 15 19:17:32 UTC 2010

>> -is there a way to get this nodes always as fingerprint (for example, there
>> are many nodes with name "idideditheconfig" and how do I know which one is
>> it when the node is listed in plain text?)
> Yes; have your controller say "USEFEATURE VERBOSE_NAMES" early on.
> (VERBOSE_NAMES is documented in section 3.19 of control-spec.txt; the
> LongName format is uses is explained in section 2.4.)
> HTH,
That's very useful, thanks.

> No;  it's the one that's considered "best" for the particular stream.
> The general rule is that first, a circuit must be appropriate for the
> stream (the exit policy must be compatible, the capacity must be
> adequate, the nodes must be stable enough, etc).  Second, the circuit
> must not be too dirty (a circuit becomes 'dirty' the first time it's
> used; once it's been dirty for CircuitMaxDirtiness seconds, it
> shouldn't be used for attaching new streams).  Third, a less dirty
> circuit is treated as better than a more dirty circuit.
> {This is based on re-reading circuit_get_best in circuituse.c.}
OK, thanks for this very detailed explaination. But is there a way to 
get (before or after a HTTP request) the circuit which will be (or was) 
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