client bug in and a new bad exit: exoassist

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> Subject: RE: client bug in and a new bad exit: exoassist
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> The real
> destination's name is then passed through the circuit for the exit node
> to resolve, but the .nickname.exit has to be stripped by tor at some point
> for that to work.
>      So it looks to me as though has introduced a client bug.

I don't know the technicalities of SOCKS proxies, but I'm 95% certain that .exit notation caused errors from destination servers over a year ago - it's not a new problem.
Of course some servers aren't running virtual hosts and so don't care about the
header - perhaps you just haven't come across the problem before if you don't use .exit notation much?
Perhaps one of the developers could weigh in on whether Tor itself should be modifying the Host header - it may be moot as .exit notation is deprecated now (and the whole excludenodes business under review).

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