Google and Tor.

Mike Perry mikeperry at
Fri Aug 27 22:08:04 UTC 2010

Thus spake Orionjur Tor-admin (tor-admin at

> > This should be fixed in Torbutton 1.2.6.
> When you plan to release it?

Well the current plan is to add support for FF4 and fix a smattering
of bugs, including this one, in the 1.2.6 release. However, I am also
trying to help fix bugs in 0.2.2.x, and help improve the Google Chrome
APIs to allow for a Chrome Tor mode
(, amongst a few
other things that I feel are rather important in the near term. In
fact, I've been so busy lately that I haven't even fixed the issue in
git or my copy of Torbutton, so rest assured that I feel the pain as
much as you do. But it still may be a while.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs
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