Polipo and dnsUseGethostbyname - what is the best option and does it matter?

Matthew pumpkin at cotse.net
Sun Apr 11 20:08:40 UTC 2010

andrew at torproject.org wrote:
> In practice, with that config file, dns queries are passed to tor
> directly for resolution, not being done by polipo nor the actual system
> resolver.
Thank you for the confirmation.
> If you change the options, you should see polipo query your local dns
> resolver either directly, or via gethostbyname.
So, the option "reluctantly" for dnsUseGethostbyname would mean DNS 
requests are done by Tor and are only done by Polipo if Tor DNS fails or 
does it mean DNS requests are now done by Polipo usually and only done 
by the system resolver if Polipo DNS fails?

The manual says for "reluctantly" - "Polipo tries to speak DNS and falls 
back to the system resolver if a name server
could not be contacted."  I am unclear where it tries to speak DNS - 
would this be before Tor or would the DNS still get pushed through Tor 
even though the configuration file has been modified?
> I agree the config needs more clarity and to match an actual option as
> specified in the info page.  I'll add it as a bug to research.
I am still confused regarding what "yes" actually means - does it refer 
to the default which is "reluctantly" or does it mean nothing to Polipo 
and is just ignored?  In which case why not just comment this option out?

Thank you for your help!
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