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> Tor addresses the recent connection and memory overload
> problems we've been seeing on relays, especially relays with their DirPort
> open. If your relay has been crashing, or you turned it off because it
> used too many resources, give this release a try.
> Changes in version - 2010-04-24
>  o Major bugfixes:
>    - Teach relays to defend themselves from connection overload. Relays
>      now close idle circuits early if it looks like they were intended
>      for directory fetches. Relays are also more aggressive about closing
>      TLS connections that have no circuits on them. Such circuits are
>      unlikely to be re-used, and tens of thousands of them were piling
>      up at the fast relays, causing the relays to run out of sockets
>      and memory. Bugfix on (where clients started tunneling
>      their directory fetches over TLS).
>  o Minor features:
>    - Finally get rid of the deprecated and now harmful notion of "clique
>      mode", where directory authorities maintain TLS connections to
>      every other relay.
>    - Directory authorities now do an immediate reachability check as soon
>      as they hear about a new relay. This change should slightly reduce
>      the time between setting up a relay and getting listed as running
>      in the consensus. It should also improve the time between setting
>      up a bridge and seeing use by bridge users.
>    - Directory authorities no longer launch a TLS connection to every
>      relay as they startup. Now that we have 2k+ descriptors cached,
>      the resulting network hiccup is becoming a burden. Besides,
>      authorities already avoid voting about Running for the first half
>      hour of their uptime.
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