Firefox configurations for tor with Mac ppc

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Sat Apr 17 05:45:02 UTC 2010

Around the first of the year I asked about FF configurations, with Tor, for Mac, Power PC.
I was given a link to a site that had the Firefox settings used by Tor.

I have been slowly checking each one to see how they compare with the settings I have for my Mac, ppc.
I came to one that reads: extensions.lastAppVersion -- with "value" set at 3.5.7

That was when I realized these must be the settings for Windows and not Mac power pc.

I looked  through or-talk archives and my email to see if I could find that response but had no luck. It was a quick search, I admit.
I googled for settings used by Tor for Mac but got nothing.

I'm assuming that most configurations will be the same for safety, anonymity and "locking down" the browser, but with some variations.

I have found some differences that concern me however. Before I post those, does anyone know of a link I can find "Firefox configurations used by Tor for Mac, ppc" (a mouthful), so that I can cross-check them?

thanks very much


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