TOR Not Starting after upgrade

Edward Langenback apostle at
Fri Apr 16 12:23:28 UTC 2010

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krishna e bera wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 09:45:56PM -0500, Edward Langenback wrote:
>>> I've just upgraded to vidalia-bundle- and now TOR is
>>> not starting at all.  I've tried a full uninstall-reinstall with no
>>> changes.
>> Any ideas what the problem is?  I'm still getting the same behavior
>> after several reboots and complete re-installs.
> 1) Your insecurity software may have detected changed .exe files and
>    therefore blocked Tor from starting (it is easy to miss the prompt).

Not too easy to miss in the case of Sygate which puts up a large
'always on top' box asking if the change is ok.

> 2) The Tor might have started but browsing though it with Firefox 
>    not be working due to a legacy Privoxy hanging around (it was not
>    automatically uninstalled by previous bundles for some reason)
>    and occupying port 8118 so Polipo cannot start.

I did have Privoxy running.  After shutting it down progress went from
stuck at 5% to stuck at 80%

> 3) Check the Tor log file for other possibilities.  Check the Windows
>    Events log for related System and Application events.

Even though I had set the firewall to allow TOR, it was being blocked.
 After I created an explicit rule for TOR allowing it to connect to
any port, it started working.

Thanks for the clues

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