accessing freenode from an IP address that ran tor

Marcus Griep tormaster at
Fri Jun 5 20:28:22 UTC 2009

Robas, Teodor wrote:
> I need some advice with this situation: I can not get access to freenode
> irc servers. It says that tor exit nodes are banned, even if I stopped
> tor two days ago. Now I have mailed to them the PGP encrypted nick and
> password hash and so on.
> What I want to know is: do I need to run tor everytime I want freenode
> access ? Because I just want to connect directly.
> And a second question: Does anybody have knowledge it those ip adresses
> ever get unbanned ?

This is a question for support at

A summary, though, is that their "exitlist" script is woefully out
of date (They do not use the tordnsbl). Thus it could be some time
before your IP comes off their list.

To connect from your IP to an .onion service will require you to be
running Tor since .onion addresses only exist in the Tor network.

Further questions, including this one, should be directed to
support at as they are the ones running their service.

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