OT: google cookie

Karsten N. tor-admin at privacyfoundation.de
Fri Jun 5 10:42:57 UTC 2009

(Its all not tor related - i know. Please ignore if it is not for you)

In Germany nearly 80% of important websites using Google stuff like
advertisements or google analytics. It covers websites of political
organisations, online newspaper, blogs, commercial stuff...

If your browser is personalized by a long life google cookie, you can
be tracked over all these sites by google. If you create a google
account, all collected data about you will have a real name.

It is not a problem for me. I can install CookieSafe or CookieCuller
an the job is done.

But we have in Germany appox. 20% Firefox user. If only half them use
firefox "as it comes".....

The problem is not only the data collection about the user. Google is
using the data collection for more than personalize ads. It is used to
monitor the web and looking for new trends. So the company is faster
than all others to buy a successful newcomer or adopt the ideas.
Google will grow faster and faster.... A horrible version for me.

German text about Google: https://www.awxcnx.de/handbuch_12.htm

Sorry for off-topic post. It is only an answer to the posting below.

Karsten N.

Wesley Kenzie schrieb:
> In a similar vein, I used to wonder how google would send out probes to all
> the web sites that I visited - usually within a few minutes of my going to
> these web sites. I eventually realized it was the google toolbar watching my
> hopping habits and telling the master google bots to chase along after me on
> their own, to see what interesting tidbits they could find for themselves. I
> suspect many browser toolbars do this sort of thing. Google Chrome likely
> does it without any toolbars added on. IE? Firefox?  Anyone know?

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