tor controller hangs / doesn't reply

Drake Wilson drake at
Wed Jun 3 21:42:46 UTC 2009

Quoth Sambuddho Chakravarty <sc2516 at>, on 2009-06-03 17:26:03 -0400:
>  Changing http_proxy=http://localhost:8118 with  
> http_proxy=localhost:8118 doesn't show any difference . Eventually the  
> tor controller hangs and fails to response to commands (and the wget  
> session fails as well). I am not sure weather the problem is with wget  
> or with tor ...

I doubt the proxy setting has anything to do with it.  Wget in
interactive mode (or at least the versions I've seen) describes the
proxy to which it's connecting when it performs the connection, so if
that looks okay, it should be fine.

Back to the original thread, some basic troubleshooting seems
necessary first: can you describe which version of the relevant
control script you're using, and which version of Tor?  Do any unusual
messages appear in the Tor logfile when this happens?  It's hard to
search for the causes of problems without that basic information.

For completeness: what version of Wget is it, and can you safely
reveal which origin server you're trying to contact?

> Thanks
> Sambuddho

   ---> Drake Wilson

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