somewhat OT: http_proxy format (was: tor controller hangs / doesn't reply)

Drake Wilson drake at
Wed Jun 3 21:35:37 UTC 2009

Quoth Scott Bennett <bennett at>, on 2009-06-03 15:22:43 -0500:
> >I can't find a copy of the aforementioned fetch(3) page anywhere on
> >the Web or on any system to which I have access.
>      Try here:

Okay.  For some reason I wasn't able to find that with a search for
"fetch(3)", but perhaps I did something wrong.

Anyway, from that exact source:
|     To access a proxy server on port 8080, set the
|     HTTP_PROXY environment variable in a manner similar to this:
|         HTTP_PROXY=

so that doesn't support the thesis of HTTP proxy environment values
not being formatted as URLs.

Unrelatedly, it may be that I was mistaken about the port component
and that it is required.  There's also some confusion regarding the
case of the variable name; some programs check both (including some of
the examples I gave), but the lowercase form seems more common overall
(probably due to name collisions with HTTP_* variables in CGI).

And for the original user, more importantly, I might note that some
programs, such as Lynx, appear to require a separate https_proxy
setting as well.

   ---> Drake Wilson

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