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Scott Bennett bennett at
Mon Jun 29 21:19:41 UTC 2009

     On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 13:27:28 -0700 (PDT) Phil <philtickle200 at>
>> I'd give it a 15 minute mile high
>> eyeball if I
>> had the 'before the jump' cache files or
>> a 'getinfo desc/all-recent' from back then.
>> I just don't have that dataset.
>> > It means everyone is busy working on other things.
>> Yep, it's just an on the radar thing.
>> > more stats about the effect of other major media
>> > stories about Tor, Slashdot effect, etc.
>> I think the Tor project may indeed have some long term
>> data such as a simple relay count in RRD. Just thought
>> I saw some graphs once.
>> There's probably a roadmap somewhere that gives an
>> idea of when Tor would be felt ready for more general
>> mass consumption/advertisment.
>> > This whole Iran thing is a great way for a number of
>> > adversaries to slip in undetected.
>> In bulk, in short order, yes, perhaps. Though if I
>> were a serious adversary I would probably advise
>> against something as we've just seen. I suggested
>> doing the analysis because often the first rollout
>> of anything is botched in some fashion. And there's
>> limited time to catch it, then learning occurs and
>> the future ones appear normal.
>> And of course, as a secondary check, the non-black Tor
>> break canary has yet to be seen in the public courts.
>Is it possible this alleged jump in the numbers of relays is partly driven by the tbreg/Taobao thing?  Perhaps this same technique is being used more widely than is realized with relay nodes on zombied machines having names other than 25tbreg.  Just a thought. 

     I don't think so.  Right now there are 1972 relays listed in the
consensus, but only one with a nickname of tbreg.  The jump is still on the
order of 400-600 relays.

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