25 tbreg relays in directory

Jim McClanahan jimmymac at copper.net
Mon Jun 29 11:14:25 UTC 2009

Scott Bennett wrote:

>      Ouch.  This provides another example in support of having a way
> for the directory authorities to render insecure versions ... 
> and only usable as clients to connect to the tor project's web site to
> download a current version of tor.

This kind of thinking baffles me.  It seems diametrically opposed to the
notion of free software.  I could understand if the outdated client was
endangering the Tor network (which was discussed in the portion of the
comment I skipped over with the ellipsis).  And I would have no problem
with a friendly advisory as long is it wasn't incessant nagware that
couldn't be disabled.  But I don't understand the desire to dictate to
people or some nanny viewpoint of trying to save people from
themselves.  (Before somebody makes an argument of keeping the Internet
free of compromised machines, I rather imagine the number of machines
compromised because of Tor software would be lost in the statistical
noise of all the other ways machines get compromised.  And I don't think
the unsavory purpose these "tbreg" instances are put to is a relevant

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