Lynx leaks DNS

Jim McClanahan jimmymac at
Fri Jun 26 09:14:37 UTC 2009


Quite by accident I discovered that the lynx browser is leaking DNS
addresses.  I have verified this on:

   Lynx Version 2.8.4dev.7 (03 Aug 2000)   and
   Lynx Version 2.8.5rel.1 (04 Feb 2004)

lynx is called from scripts with the following statements:

   export http_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export https_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export ftp_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export gopher_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export news_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export newspost_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export newsreply_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export snews_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export snewspost_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export snewsreply_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export nntp_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export wais_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export finger_proxy=http://localhost:8119
   export cso_proxy=http://localhost:8119

Privoxy is listening on localhost:8119 and sends requests to tor in the
standard way.  I have verified from Privoxy's log that requests are
received and     verifies the request
is coming through the Tor network.  Supplying linx with the url of p.p
(an alias that Privoxy understands) demonstrates that lynx does a DNS
request and then ignores the result. 

Comments?  Suggestions?

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