ShutdownWaitLength vs. 'restart' in init scripts

m maillist at
Fri Jun 26 07:26:25 UTC 2009

I would go with the Debian init-script. I have used it for years without
any problems. Much better that Tor's own contributed init-script. It is
much nicer to wait the process to die than to kill -9 them and cut users
active connections.

I recommend that you take a look at the tor-debian-init-script and fix
Fedoras init-script by using Debian's init-script as an example.

You can find Debian Lenny's tor-init at

Oh jea, the script contains little local change by me but it's all in
one place and start of local changes is marked by  # START OF LOCAL
CHANGES and the end of local changes is marked by # END OF LOCAL CHANGES.

I had little problems with tor eating all memory and slowing the server
to a crawl until it was impossible even to ssh to the server. Played
with ulimit and found working values.


ps: I'd really want to run a tor exit-node but I have to think about my
family. I don't want cops all over the place again, scared the shit out
of my wife. If I lived alone it would be much easier.

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