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Wed Jun 24 06:14:52 UTC 2009

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jon wrote:
> Greetings,
> Just a couple of notes, since some Tor Project website mirror
> operators may be subscribed to this list:
> Recently there was some discussion regarding a discussion list for
> mirror operators.  This has recently been brought to fruition.
> Instructions on subscription are located here...
> Some details regarding the list may be found on the first post to
> the list...
> One key change is that mirror changes/additions are now posted to
> this list.  In the past, changes/additions were sent to
> tor-webmaster
> Something that is also desired, is the admin contact for the mirror
>  operators.  Preferably stated in an introduction to the list.
> Alternatively, you can send me the contact directly, if you please
> :) A good email address is all that is requested.  This information
> will help to better contact those operators whose mirrors are out
> of date, or otherwise not working.  This way, we can let mirror
> operators know when their mirror *may* be misconfigured or
> non-updated.
> Also, if you host a mirror, and you notice that your organization
> is missing, or inaccurate, and you would like to update it, please
> also post that to the list.  Alternatively, let me know directly.
> Thank you for supporting Tor!
> Very best,
> Jon
... and /dist mirrors also.

The mirror list is on the website at:

I apologize for the two emails instead of one.


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