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Sun Jun 21 21:08:40 UTC 2009

--- On Sun, 6/21/09, Chris Humphry <humphry.chris at> wrote:
> My only 'issue' is human rights and to  me politics
> plays no roll in that. 

Well, unfortunately that just isn't the case.  Many
people have different (political) opinions on just
what exactly human rights means.  It is not so simple
as you would think (I wish it were).  For example, this
declaration (which is used by the UN) is full of 
political (and even contradictory) ideas, and "rights".

Again, I am not trying to start a debate about what
human rights should be (this is the wrong place for 
that), but just to point out that unfortunately it
is pretty hard to make the "non-political" claim
you probably wish were true.

To be more illustrative of my "political point", 
the following "rights" would be considered
by most to be socialist ideas:

* Article 22
* Article 23 - 1
* Article 25 - 1,2
* Article 26 - 1
* Article 29 - 1

The following are pro democracy:

* Article 21 - 3

Articles which are pro-property rights (and sound very 
contradictory to the socialist articles above):

* Article 17 - 2

Pro intellectual property "rights":

* Article 27 - 2

And this is just to me the obvious political ones, but
someone biased differently than me could probably point
out very different "political" articles than the ones
I did.

> Human rights are not the concern of any one group 
> or Nation, it should be the concern of every Homo 
> sapien.

Agreed, and I wish we could all agree, but I 
certainly don't agree with several of the articles
mentioned above (and I am often disgusted when asked
to support some of them when starting a new job). :(




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