Help Iranian dissidents

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Sun Jun 21 20:48:27 UTC 2009

On Sunday 21 June 2009, Chris Humphry wrote:

> You and Karsten know much more than I do so I defer to you.  But I do think
> it's very important to let people know how they can use Tor to help in this
> crisis.


if this is a crisis and who is the good guy and the bad guy should in my 
opinion not be discussed on this list.
Not everyone might share your view of "dissidents". Some might call those guys 

It is very good you are helping people to get to use tor. I am also promoting 
it whenever I can.

I hope what Karsten N. has writen yesterday is not yet forgotten:
"And I hope, tor will stay political neutral."

I would like to extend tor to also or-talk and everything else related to tor. 

i will keep my server running even I know some guys I dont like are using it.

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