Help Iranian dissidents by collecting and posting Bridge addresses? (here?)

Praedor Atrebates praedor at
Fri Jun 19 18:30:08 UTC 2009

On Friday 19 June 2009 13:49:48 Chris Humphry wrote:
> From twitter, there is a user ("austinheap") out of San Fran who organized
> >this.  It is simply having people setup squid proxies and sending the
> >pertinent info to him by email or twitter direct message:  ip address and
> > port (change from the default port and other "standard" ports...I set
> > mine up for port 8808).  He then compiles the list of ips and port info
> > and passes it along to his trusted iranian contacts who then disburse the
> > info to their trusted friends.
> Excellent info, thanks.
> >Try  click through the first blurb screen
> > image in green to get to the actual site.  He has an entry about 1/3 down
> > the page titled "Best proxy practices" for this situation, providing
> > guidance to help and get around the Iranian govt censors.
> Great.  I will inform others who want to help but do not know how.
> >He is providing guidance on squid proxy.  As for tor, you can setup a
> > bridge relay in addition to this direct proxy.
> Do you know if he reads this list?  Have you contacted him about Tor?  The
> Revolutionary Guard has stated they will crack down on anyone disseminating
> images out of Iran.  I fear they could be running honey pots in the form of
> simple squid proxies and such.  So austinheap just trusts each provider of
> squid proxies at face value?  That seems very dangerous...

There is a parallel tor bridge effort going on.  You setup your tor bridge and 
send you information to ph.on.twitter at  Austinheap (among one or two 
others) collects the squid proxy info and passes it on and the people behind 
explaining how the iranians can quickly setup and use tor are collecting 
bridge info.  Their original website ( appears to be toast 
but the tor main website is linked to from one of the protest aid sites and 
I've seen many links to tor in twitter.  I am trying to verify that the 
ph.on.twitter email is still active and good.

Also: has some info.  He provides the squid info 
but also recently posted that Freegate appears to be working (hadn't heard of 
freegate until now) in  Iran.  Apparently, it is popular with chinese in 
evading their firewall censors.

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