Help Iranian dissidents by collecting and posting Bridge addresses? (here?)

Praedor Atrebates praedor at
Thu Jun 18 20:47:27 UTC 2009

From twitter, there is a user ("austinheap") out of San Fran who organized 
this.  It is simply having people setup squid proxies and sending the 
pertinent info to him by email or twitter direct message:  ip address and port 
(change from the default port and other "standard" ports...I set mine up for 
port 8808).  He then compiles the list of ips and port info and passes it 
along to his trusted iranian contacts who then disburse the info to their 
trusted friends.

Try  click through the first blurb screen image in 
green to get to the actual site.  He has an entry about 1/3 down the page 
titled "Best proxy practices" for this situation, providing guidance to help 
and get around the Iranian govt censors.

He is providing guidance on squid proxy.  As for tor, you can setup a bridge 
relay in addition to this direct proxy.


On Thursday 18 June 2009 13:51:45 Chris Humphry wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 22:11 -0400, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> >>On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 06:26:43PM -0700, Chris Humphry wrote:
> >>Please help...without proxies (ie. Bridges) the Iranian dissidents
> >>have no voice!
> >
> >Yeah, see, I'm not sure whether this is true. If ordinary bridges are
> >working, then probably ordinary Tor relays are working too. Or said
> >another way, if ordinary Tor relays aren't working, probably ordinary
> >bridges won't work either.
> I have no idea if Tor relays are working from Iran or not.  On CNN they
> have been reporting that a vast amount of proxies are provided each day
> to the dissidents.  Supposedly that is how they are sending the pics and
> video we see each day.  To me it sounds like plain ol' one hop open
> proxies, not Tor.  I have emailed CNN asking how one can provide proxies
> and to which organization, they have yet to email me back.
> >We've heard rumors they're blocking all encrypted traffic. Does this
> >mean everything that does an SSL handshake no matter the port? Or does
> >it mean the blocked port 443?
> >
> >If the former, an automated system like Tor is going to have a tough time
> >keeping up -- at least without the tweaks we've been pondering over the
> >past few days. ;)
> Even if it is the former I like the tone of your sentence!  I am looking
> forward to seeing what your guys/gals come up with :)
> >If the latter, then setting up a bunch of bridges on port 80 (even
> >though everything's still encrypted) might be the ticket.
> I will email CNN and ask them, but they are getting SO much email I
> have doubts they will get back to me.  Does Tor Project not have contacts
> in Iran?  I wonder how/if we can find out specifically how the Iran
> Government is blocking Internet access?
> If a representative from the EFF or Tor contacted CNN I bet they would
> respond...
> >Lots of misinformation going around, and not so much information.
> Yea I was wondering about that.  Who to trust?...
> Thanks!

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