Help Iranian dissidents by collecting and posting Bridge addresses? (here?)

Teodor Robas teodor.robas at
Thu Jun 18 19:30:28 UTC 2009

Chris Humphry wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> If a representative from the EFF or Tor contacted CNN I bet they would
> respond...
> >Lots of misinformation going around, and not so much information.
This news was on slashdot not long ago:

Notice that a link was presented to instructions on how to set up
squid based proxy servers.
That may be the reason why the proxy technique got in the media but I
do not know why tor was not mentioned at all.

> Yea I was wondering about that.  Who to trust?...
> Thanks!
Thunderbird never asked me a second time for my smtp password until I
wanted to send this message, I thing I will go suspicious.

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