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Thu Jun 18 06:14:24 UTC 2009

Hi Timo,

On Jun 18, 2009, at 8:00 AM, Timo Schoeler wrote:
> Hi,
> IMHO it's not the problem of 'how TOR works' or the (unquestionable)
> benefits it provides, it's more the problem of the 'image' of the ISP
> that hosts (customer's) exit nodes and therefore might have problems
> with the local law (copyright infringements, etc).

The first step really is understanding how Tor works (for example,  
that there is a difference between exit and non-exit nodes). But "how  
Tor works" doesn't stop at explaining the technical aspects, it's also  
about the community, the people who depend on it, and the role of the  

> Especially the censorship^Wchild porn filtering discussion in Germany
> forces this topic being discussed, as claiming an exit node having
> provided access to forbidden content is the 'A-bomb of getting a host
> down' -- even if it didn't something forbidden.

Being a part of that decision and clearly showing where you stand is  
better than passively watching.

> Best,
> Timo


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