silent tor crash

Scott Bennett bennett at
Wed Jun 3 09:48:41 UTC 2009

     I'm not sure whether I should try to submit a bug report on this or not.
After installing FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE, installing many ports, updating to
7-STABLE, etc., I finally got privoxy and tor working again yesterday.  There
have been some problems, though, including an unexplained automatic reboot,
a GPU crash necessitating powering the machine down and rebooting, and now a
silent tor crash (
     After reading all the posts about the TRHCourtneynn relays, which should
not only be marked with BadExit, but also *not* be marked Valid, I decided to
add them all to my ExcludeNodes list for failure to be grouped in a node
family.  I added them to torrc, forgot to do a --verify-config, and then sent
SIGHUP.  It issued the usual messages about opening a log file and not being
able to log to stdout with RunAsDaemon set, but otherwise issued no further
messages.  Three or four minutes later, I realized that the count of
ESTABLISHED TCP connections had gone down to the two or three that I was
currently using for non-tor purposes.  Looking further, I saw that tor had
vanished without so much as a fare-thee-well.  The timing isn't exactly clear,
but I suspect that it died shortly after those messages about the logging that
it always issues after getting a SIGHUP or upon initialization.
     So I don't have much information to offer in a PR.  Should I just skip it?

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