Help Iranian dissidents by collecting and posting Bridge addresses? (here?)

Chris Humphry humphry.chris at
Thu Jun 18 01:26:43 UTC 2009


I have been mounting a little movement to get people to run Tor and setup Tor Bridges to help those in Iran access the Internet.  

Then I found a great message which has been going around asking people to run Tor Bridges.  So I thought: "what about or-talk?".  Would it be wise to ask people in or-talk to provide Bridge addresses to this topic?   When people have submitted say 5 or 10 (or more) Bridge addresses I could collect them and post them to Twitter and lots of other sites.  Is that wise?

Here is the messages I found:


the Iranian dissidents!  


a Tor Bridge and post your Bridge IP!  It
allows them access to the Internet...without proxies they have no voice!




is Tor?:




post Bridge IP (use Tor for your anonymity):


Do not follw the Tor Bridge setup directions from the
"iran.whyweprotest" website. Follow the setup directions from the Tor
website, we now use Vidalia (Tor GUI):

Tor Bridge:

Please help...without proxies (ie. Bridges) the Iranian dissidents have no



your Tor Bridge:


of the best ways is to post your Tor Bridge IP address on Twitter with the tag
#iranelection and #helpiranelection 


Below is a Google search string.  Use it to find places to post your Tor Bridge IP address.  Iran Government is blocking more and more
sites all the time...keep moving and they can't stop it!


search string:  post + proxy + address + iran

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