Stealing browser history without JavaScript

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Matej Kovacic wrote:
> Hi,
> this seems an interesting issue:
> bye, Matej
Been to this site and it dont work on my firefox.3.0.8 browser... (with 
NoScript, QuickJava, Better Privacy, JavaScript Deobfuscator, Quick 
Preference Button & User Agent Switcher)

it replies with a 0 (zero) count. But there should be dozens.

Seems to me it would have to have all websites known to man on the page it
loads.  If it looks at "visited links" css on the page it loads it could
only look at websites on that page.  It would have to store a lot of web
pages on that hidden i-frame to really compare.  Unless you are looking to
see if a particular person visited a particular page doesn't seem like it
would do anyone much good.

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