Persistant SSL?

pigpoked at pigpoked at
Sun Jun 14 08:52:34 UTC 2009

It's encouraged to use SSL across tor rather than unencrypted HTTP. Most of the websites I view do not offer SSL. How is it possible to maintain a persistant SSL experience on the web with tor excluding the few sites offering SSL? I've discovered some commerical web proxies offering SSL accounts for X amount per month and read a small amount of VPN services at cost. Bearing in mind the nature of tor, it doesn't appear rational to me to rely on one SSL/VPN provider at cost, both requiring potential disclosure of personal information for the billing processes. I have no desire to attempt any form of potential anonymous financial transactions due to the pitfalls within, including but not limited to - if I pseudo-anonymously pay for a service and I'm ripped off what recourse do I have?

If you are enjoying persistant SSL when using tor, what is your legit/legal method? Would there be a program for this?

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