Dupe named exit nodes, friend or foe?

pigpoked at Safe-mail.net pigpoked at Safe-mail.net
Sun Jun 14 08:53:51 UTC 2009

Twice, I've received the, "Sorry, you're not using tor" message on the tor check page. I checked one tor node listing website, the exit node IP listed on the "Sorry" page was a recently added exit node which had a duplicate name of another exit node. This duplicate exit node was listed as down, the other real exit node was up but with a different IP. I searched my cached listings in ~/.tor and this "Sorry" paged duplicate named "down" node was listed within the recent "new" listing of nodes.

How is it I was using a dupe node? How is it a node listed as down could be in use? How is it a node with a duplicate name with a different IP from the other preexisting node could exist? From this information, I would consider this a bad exit node, but I need input. I didn't retain the dupe node name, IP, or fingerprint. Is this behavior normal or expected? If this is rogue behavior, do we report these findings to this list or if these nodes are bad are they automatically culled?

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