eliminating bogus port 43 exits

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Sat Jun 13 22:37:53 UTC 2009

Jon wrote:> You want me to provide hard facts?  It does not take a
whitepaper to inform me that peering at traffic leaving the border is "A
Good Thing" TM.

Do you mean, in a perfect world there would be no snooping of exit traffic?
I might agree with you but in a perfect world we wouldn't need Tor and
that's getting a little too philosophical for me. The reality of the
situation is, exit traffic is going to be monitored anyways and it's better
to just start out assuming that it will be. So, I don't see how looking at
traffic to improve QoS is going to be "A Bad Thing" TM other than the legal
issues that were already raised. There's a saying that goes "don't let
perfect be the enemy of the good".
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