eliminating bogus port 43 exits

Jon scream at nonvocalscream.com
Sat Jun 13 22:09:35 UTC 2009

Tor Fox wrote:
> Jon wrote:
> > I am however, attempting to discourage eavesdropping by operators.
> That seems pointless. Anyone that's thoughtful enough to listen to
> your ethical consternation will also be thoughtful enough not to do
> anything intentionally malicious. It's the same reason why the police
> don't make public service announcements requesting that people not rob
> banks. Pleading with people intent on doing wrong is not going to
> change anything. The most you can do is educate people and let them
> make their own choices. Give us some hard facts about why it's a bad
> idea to sniff exit traffic but don't just emote.
You've lost the context.

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