trying to use specific country for node selection in tor

Sambuddho Chakravarty sc2516 at
Fri Jun 12 22:53:34 UTC 2009

Hello All
 I am trying to use specific country selection in the torrc as per the 
FAQs in the Tor website. The following is a snippet from my torrc


EntryNodes {us}
ExitNodes {us}

StrictEntryNode 1
StrictExitNode 1

However when I run tor - with this configuration , I get the 
following error message :-

Jun 13 01:49:15.860 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: IPs or 
countries are not yet supported in EntryNodes.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there some other way to specify which 
countries to use for entry,middleman and exit node selection  ?


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