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> Definitely abusive. Fortunately, because of how nearby most of the IPs
> are, Tor will treat them as family even if the operator neglected to,
> so it doesn't pose a risk to anonymity (other than the one outlying
> node, but even then it's a maximum of two), but this definitely looks
> like a badexit situation.
> Honestly, why does somebody run a tor node if they keep
> connection/session logs? Seems like an odd place to look for a
> paycheck.
>   - John Brooks
Might be worse then that.. at least for improperly configures clients..
there deos seem to be javascript injection:

<div id="floaterma9">
    <img src=""
style="display:none"></img> <script type='text/javascript'
    <style> body {
        margin: 0 0 0 0 !important;
    #Banner2 {
    #textme {

When I Followed
it had an interesting bit bit of code which linked to:
Which tries to load up SWF objects..
Haven't picked it all apart yet (still no coffee) but I'm guessing it's
either decloaking attempts or exploit attempts.

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