Introducing Torfox 3.0.10

Kyle Williams kyle.kwilliams at
Fri Jun 12 02:42:48 UTC 2009

Please let us know when you have your fixes in place.  I for one would like
to have a look at it again.

I'm not saying having a Tor Fox's landing page back-ending into google is
bad, I was implying that *IF* you're trying to get revenue from Google
Ad-sense with Tor clients, it wouldn't work well...if at all.  Google is
pretty picky about Ad-sense, and if you start to get too many clicks from
the same IP (ie, a Tor router), then they'll mark your hits as false, refuse
to payout, and possibly terminate your account.  You could do users a favor
and just remove the ads.  :-)
Do you have any build instructions to go with this?
I looked at the SVN, and didn't see "glue" code that would bring this (FF,
Tor, MSI creation, etc..) all together.
I would like to be able to build this myself, from source.

- Kyle

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Tor Fox < at> wrote:

> Jacob wrote:
> > What happens when you leave plugins enabled, they respect
> proxy connections and then it is unset?
> They have no choice but to respect them. However, Java and Flash both have
> ways that still leak your IP so all plugins will be disabled along with
> JavaScript. I don't mean disabled with an option either. I'm going to
> hardcode the changes so it's impossible for them to become active.
> > I think it's pretty unethical to explicitly make money by using
> a _tracking_ technology to profit from users who _explicitly_ do not want to
> be tracked.
> I think you're overreacting just a little. It is ultimately just a browser
> landing page, not much different from the default Firefox homepage and any
> JavaScript that Google tries to load will be ignored just as if you were
> loading from directly. If you can give me an actual example of
> how my page is any worse than then I will fix it ASAP. Otherwise,
> I don't see an issue.
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