Introducing Torfox 3.0.10

Tor Fox at
Fri Jun 12 00:48:14 UTC 2009

Jacob wrote:
> What happens when you leave plugins enabled, they respect
proxy connections and then it is unset?
They have no choice but to respect them. However, Java and Flash both have
ways that still leak your IP so all plugins will be disabled along with
JavaScript. I don't mean disabled with an option either. I'm going to
hardcode the changes so it's impossible for them to become active.

> I think it's pretty unethical to explicitly make money by using
a _tracking_ technology to profit from users who _explicitly_ do not want to
be tracked.

I think you're overreacting just a little. It is ultimately just a browser
landing page, not much different from the default Firefox homepage and any
JavaScript that Google tries to load will be ignored just as if you were
loading from directly. If you can give me an actual example of
how my page is any worse than then I will fix it ASAP. Otherwise,
I don't see an issue.
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