Juliusz Chroboczek Juliusz.Chroboczek at
Mon Jun 1 18:52:07 UTC 2009

>> While HADOPI mandates massive surveillance of Internet users, the total
>> budget voted for enforcing it is a mere 6.7 M¤ per annum, which implies
>> that enforcement will be entirely from the ISPs' pockets.  I'm sure
>> they'll love it.

> The ISPs' pockets?  I'd guess they'll all quickly raise their rates an
> amount generous enough to cover those additional costs. Heh..... only
> people pay taxes and fees. :-)

Fortunately, the ISP market in France has been fairly healthy since
Proxad/ successfully challenged France Telecom's monopoly.  There
are at least 5 major players competing in the mass market on razor-thin
margins, plus a number of higher-priced professional offers, plus at
least one non-profit organisation that manages to actually provide ADSL
to peoples' homes (

I really don't see how an ISP could significantly increase the costs
without losing a significant part of the French market share.


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