OnionCat -- An IP-Transparent TOR Hidden Service Connector

7v5w7go9ub0o 7v5w7go9ub0o at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 21:35:14 UTC 2008

Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> OnionCat creates a transparent IPv6 layer on top of TOR's hidden services. It 
> transmits any kind of IP-based data transparently through the TOR network on 
> a location hidden basis.  You can think of it as a point-to-multipoint VPN 
> between hidden services.
> See
> http://www.abenteuerland.at/onioncat/
> for further information.
> Bernhard

Thank you for creating this interesting tool!

It installed easily and works well (well..... after I compiled in IPv6 
support, prompted by an OnionCat diagnostic) :-)

My hope is to use OnionCat on my laptop to VNC via TOR to my home 
computer using nomachine NX. Is that kind of use possible with OC?

Thanks again.

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