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luser luser456 at
Sun Jun 1 22:49:09 UTC 2008

hi list

after running a relay for about a month, donating fairly limited 
bandwidth to the cause, i have written an entry on this blog yes, another blog about running a tor relay, 

the reason for running a relay was to gain an insight into what tor is 
being used for, which is pretty hard going considering the tor design, 
in order to make an informed decision regarding the morality of 
supporting such a system.
another reason is to provide a list of POP accounts (pop server IP and 
username, no password is captured) being accessed via tor, just in case 
any admins/users of these servers/accounts find it odd that they are 
being accessed over tor.

is there a case for maintaining a central repository of ip/username 
pairs from certain protocols (pop3, imap, ftp, whatever) emanating from 
exit nodes as a reference for admins in the case that access via tor to 
these accounts is prohibited/not advised.

i hope this won't be seen to be against the spirit of supporting such a 
project; I just find tor and its uses quite intriguing. i'll happily 
withdraw this support if the majority believe this to be detrimental to 
the project.

peace out

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