Phish filters on exit nodes

Geoff Down downie at
Mon Jun 9 02:18:38 UTC 2008

Thanks for the feedback,
the Connections info at the time was

How do I tell from this which was the exit node ?
The page was down 
momentarily but is back online now.
On 8 Jun 2008, at 23:57, Matt Nordhoff wrote:

> Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
>> Try visiting the OpenDNS preferences page from that node. Someone 
>> other
>> than the Admin of the node may have enabled the OpenDNS anti-phishing
>> features.
>> You may also just want to email the admin of the Exit node and ask in
>> the first place...
>> (Disclaimer, once in another lifetime, I worked on OpenDNS and it may
>> not even be possible to change the preferences of a given IP address 
>> in
>> such a way anymore...)
> To change your prefs, you have to be logged in, and you can do it from
> any IP address.
> (The prefs are still applied based on your IP address(es), of course.)
>> Regards,
>> Jacob Appelbaum
> -- 

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