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Florian Reitmeir florian at reitmeir.org
Thu Jan 31 07:36:09 UTC 2008


On Wed, 30 Jan 2008, algenon flower wrote:

> I run a Tor client on a laptop at easy to access pub wifi access points. What I need to know is, assuming I have disallowed file sharing, ect what info could a wifi host be able to access on my computer? I have heard they could only log my MAC address, the unique code identifying my wifi card. Is more available to an attacker?

- there is a difference between reply and "write a new mail" in your mail
	programm, which makes it hard to read mails on a mailing list, if the user
	of such a programm confuses it.
- normal mails on mailinglist do have a line break of 80 chars..

to your question:
"internet"/"network" is build in layers

"the internet" begins at layer 3. Tor provides services for layer 3 and
above. So yes, a WIFI provider might be able to identify your laptop with to
MAC address of the wifi or build in ethernet card. (Layer 2)

But if Tor is used correctly he is not able to "see" what services "of the internet" 
you are using.

Florian Reitmeir

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