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Wed Jan 30 20:37:03 UTC 2008

F. Fox wrote:
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> Florian Reitmeir wrote:
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>> FAQ:
>> "4.10. Can I control what nodes I use for entry/exit?"
>> ... We don't actually recommend you use these for normal use -- you get the
>> best security that Tor can provide when you leave the route selection to
>> Tor ...
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> I seriously question this - at least in the context of evading
> totalitarian censorship technology.
Part of what makes Tor anonymous is a that it has a large # of relays 
that may or may not be supporting any particular anonymous stream.  When 
one indefinitely restricts, for instance, the exit relays (or entry 
relays) that one uses to construct anonymous tunnels, then this does 
hurt one's anonymity simply because the "cloud" of used relays of what 
it could have been, is reduced to less than what it could have been.  
This is of course assuming that the trust of any particular relay is 
uniformly distributed over all relays... so, of course if there's a 
totalitarian censorship somewhere, then yeah, don't trust those 
relays... otherwise... might not be in the best interest of anonymity...
> I think in such a situation, one would want to exclude nodes from their
> own country; at the very least, they'd want to exclude such exit nodes.
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