Question about some files' function in tor????

Andrew tor at
Wed Jan 30 08:29:29 UTC 2008

Jackie schrieb:
> Hi, everyone!
> I intend to get a router list, so I investigate some temporary files
> of tor.(My OS is windows vista). Still have some questions needing
> your help.
Hi there,
I wouldn't be much help answering your file-related questions, so I
won't even try. For a router list take a look at the TorStatus project:
That might already solve your problems ;)
> [snip]
> I think it may be the router list stored locally, Two questions:
> first, how can I distinguish normal nodes from exit nodes? second,
> what does "reject *:*" mean?
"reject *:*" is an exit policy, meaning this router is NOT an exit
node,since it rejects connections to any ip, any port (it's denoted in
the form ip:port, since both are wildcards, all are rejected). The
opposite of this would be "accept
> [snip]
As I said, somebody else is gonna have to answer your other questions.

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