what about SMTPS over Tor?

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 20:01:02 UTC 2008

--- anonym <anonym at lavabit.com> wrote:

> On 02/01/08 09:16, anon ymous wrote:
> But I'm more interested in smtp on the "open"
> Internet currently as I don't want to push too many 
> new concepts on the people I try to help,
> _and_ I need a solution fast (+ I don't have any
> resources for putting up the required setup for a 
> hidden service email).
> I would like that smtps got a similar status with
> Tor as http(s) has. IMHO the issues with http(s) 
> (e.g. javascript, cookies) seem to be far
> worse than smtp unless I've missed something, so I
> don't understand while it's not focused on more. At 
> least until all the issues with anonymous remailers 
> have been sorted out (like that you can't reply to
> messages).

It seems to me that the problem here really isn't tor,
but rather one of not having an equivalent of privoxy
for SMTPS?  HTTP was dealt with easily because people
approached the privacy angle with privoxy
independently of tor.  I agree that it would be nice
to start a similar project for SMTP(S).  Seems like
hacking a simple remailer such as ssmtp would be one
way to start,


This page lists many ssmtp alternatives:

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