Scripted exclusion of nodes? [Was: How to remove some useless nodes]

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Tue Jan 29 08:20:40 UTC 2008

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On 2008-01-29 02:54 CST, F. Fox wrote:
| Kraktus wrote:
|> You can add
|> ExcludeNodes NodeName1, NodeName2
|> to your torrc, where the NodeName1, etc. are the names of Chinese exit
|> nodes that you are aware of.  However, you much disallow each Chinese
|> node separately; you can't exclude by country.
| (snip)
| Sadly, China's government would likely spend the resources to constantly
| "randomize" their nodes, one way or the other.
| Perhaps a script (set as a cron job?) could be used to find Chinese
| nodes in the Tor directory on a regular basis, update the ExcludeNodes
| section of the torrc, and do a "sudo killall -s SIGHUP tor" to load it.
| I'll have to think it over... perhaps I could use it to get some
| scripting practice? =;o)

ExcludeNodes option will exclude nodes in the list from being used in
the circuit -- not only at exit, but also at entry and middle. In my
opinion, a node from China at entry or middle does no harm, and it has
the potential benefit for a circuit of being in more jurisdictions.

I've long wondered if there is (will be) an option for excluding nodes
solely at exit?


P.S. my practice for "removing useless nodes" is hardcoding a small
number of fastest nodes in China into the ExcludeNodes option, and I've
had almost no problem since.
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