How does tor encrypt my data?

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That is to say: the exit node we choose must be trustable in keeping my 

Thank you for your valuable information!
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>> We know that there is an entrance node and an exit node in a path,
>> cleartext is sent out from the exit node to the destination that we are
>> aimed at. If so, my original cleartext could be revealed to the exit
>> node? If my data is encrypted on my PC by the tor I runned, how does the
>> exit node decrypt the ciphered text? How does it get the decrypt key?
> You should read the Tor FAQ; these questions are answered there:
> I will answer the most important one in short here, though: Unless
> you're using something that provides end-to-end encryption (HTTPS,
> encrypting email with PGP/GPG, using SSH for logging into things, etc.),
> exit nodes can - and have been known to - spy on cleartext. They can
> also alter things being passed through; this is how Torment and similar
> tools attempt to "demask" those who haven't properly secured their 
> browser.
>> Another question is what kind of cryptology algorithm tor uses, RSA? or
>> others?
> A bit about the public-key side of Tor:
> I do know that AES is used on the symmetric-key side (although I don't
> know what key length is used).
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