Re: Ethical considerations about parent proxies for Tor exit nodes [Was: Tor operator raided in Finland]

dr._no at dr._no at
Mon Jan 28 20:13:55 UTC 2008


> >> Sometimes, when a Tor user does something illegal with Tor, the exit
> >> node operator of the exit node the Tor user was using is blamed.
> > 
> > if you use a transparent proxy plus a provider proxy as parent proxy
> > for your TOR server, you can simply avoid that ;-)
> (snip)
> While that's a wonderful solution from a practical standpoint, I'm sure
> it's going to bother some people on an ethical one.
> Three things to consider:
> 1.) What kind of parent proxy is being used? Is it a misconfigured
> system, or deliberately left open?

for performance, and because i'm paying for it, i'm using a proxy of my provider; 
the ony misconfiguration is that i can't images of DVDs because there is a 2 GiB
file size limit.

And when i'm playing with open proxies, only with far away ones; on other

> 2.) Basically, all this does is make the parent proxy admin take the
> fall, instead of you; that in itself may cause ethical problems with
> some people.

Nonsense; providers do not take the fall.
But even if that would change: They do get payed for their job and i do pay
for it.


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